We live in a world of endless distractions everywhere we turn.  It can seem impossible to separate whose thoughts we are thinking and whose lives we are living because we have been constantly influenced from the moment we arrived on this planet.  Part of being healthy and happy includes finding ways to connect with who we are underneath who we have been taught to be.  There is an abundant feeling of fulfillment when we meet ourselves again.

For me, running is something I have found that can take me below the surface of who I think I am.  As each mile passes, another layer peels away. By the end of a run, what usually remains is the part of me that is eternal; holy and unshakeable.

Running for me is transcendent. It takes the old tapes that run on repeat in my mind, spewing projections from the past and incinerates them. It takes my frayed nerves and misfiring neurons and smooths them out, balancing them with warm endorphins.  The sweat pouring off my body rinses my egoic thoughts until they run clear.

It allows for a brief abandonment of my human experience and offers me a glimpse of my true nature.

If you have this sense that there is more to you or something is missing but you can’t put your finger on it, find an activity that leads your mind to a quiet restful place and then notice what follows .  You might find yourself pleasantly surprised. For me, exercise is a spiritual practice that offers me an invitation to go beyond who I think I am.  

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