Private Coaching

In the Hills of Litchfield County, Connecticut

Every journey is unique.  Wherever you are on your path toward health and wellness, is where we will begin.  Depending on the program you choose, we will embark on a discovery of what your body needs to be more aligned with the intentions you have for your life.

How Does Transformation Happen?

Our bodies are ALWAYS speaking to us through cravings, symptoms, and sensations.

When something comes up, our first thought is often to treat it and make it go away.  This may work for a period of time but inevitably finds its way back until the underlying issue your body is trying to direct you to, gets resolved.

Health is about balance and what we eat is only one small part of the whole.  When you understand how all the elements that are contributing to your health are working together, you will begin to understand the messages your body is sending.

Through our counseling sessions, we will take a look at all of the things that feed you including the food you eat,  the way you exercise, the words you repeat to yourself, the work you do, the relationships you keep and the kind of fun you have.  We’ll set goals and gradually crowd out what is not working with more of what is.  You will begin to connect with the way your body communicates with you and will learn how to work in harmony together to create the radiant health you need to fuel your life.

Health Balance


Transform (12 Sessions)

Your intention is to create lasting changes around your weight and  the relationship you have with your body and food.  

Resolve (6 Sessions)

You are ready to look at what might be holding you back from  creating a shift that will finally allow you to reach your goals.


Reset (1 Session)

A one-time 90-minute session to kick off your healthy lifestyle, address a specific issue, or get support around a stubborn area.


All initial consultations are free.

Counseling sessions take place in Kent, CT or online over Zoom.

Each program includes 2 one on one counseling sessions per month, email support in between, recipes, and free samples.


Your voice needs to be heard. Your story needs to be told. Your gifts are needed now, more than ever. Don't wait. Call me today!  


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