Are you aware of that voice in your head that seems to have an opinion about everything?  Whether you are thinking about launching a new career, buying a new car, or choosing what to eat for dinner, there she is, weighing in with all the reasons why that’s not such a good idea.

It seems like she always has something to say to contradict a decision that we felt confident about making until she came along. 

That voice is usually loud and bossy and very convincing.  It is often impossible not to listen to her especially when we don’t realize that her voice is not our own. 

Say what now?  At some point in my life, I started to get curious about this incessant naysayer. I began to wonder why deep down, I almost always held the exact opposite opinion as this voice I kept hearing.  I believed anything was possible, I expected miracles and I felt like I could do no wrong. Yet, when it came time to act on my beliefs, there she would come, to tell me I was crazy to think all of that was possible. It occurred to me that her voice is not mine! 

So whose voice is it?  It’s a collection of voices, opinions and beliefs reflecting the culture we grew up in. What we are hearing are the recycled mix tapes from our past, on repeat. That voice is our ego, trying as she does to keep us safe while actually keeping us small and unfulfilled. 

I came to realize the other voice I was hearing, that spews nothing but love is the one that belongs to me.  It’s the holy representation of the truth we were born with and will carry throughout and beyond our lives. It cannot be influenced by opinion because it only knows what is true. LOVE.

I needed to give my ego a name so that when I heard her voice, there would be no confusing it with my own.  I call her Fanny.  Now when she chimes in, I can’t mistake her voice and my response to her opinions range from not now Fanny, to shut the hell up!

We can choose whose voice to listen to and when we do, we begin to see that many of the longstanding beliefs we have held about ourselves are not true, they were just someone else’s opinion.  When we choose to listen to our own voice, we choose love again and again.

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