Our bodies speak to us through our hunger.  Within our hunger are the answers we so often go outside of ourselves to find.  

Thanks to the billion dollar advertising budgets of the food industry, we have been convinced that our hunger is obsolete and that it cannot be trusted.  We have agreed, mostly subconsciously, to put our faith in other people’s ideas of what we need and products that promise that whatever it is, they can meet our needs better than we ever could ourselves.  

Our ideas about hunger have been tainted and the cost is that many of us have severed the main line of communication with our physical selves.

The relationship we have with our body is meant to be an intuitive dance. A harmonious collaboration built on trust and appreciation.  Our bodies are hard wired to achieve balance and embedded in our hunger are all of the answers we need to have that experience. 

We mostly associate hunger with food but the feeling of being hungry extends beyond what we put into our mouth.  Food is just one of the things that feed us and when we feel hungry, it could be possible that what we need is something else entirely.

We are highly intelligent, multifaceted beings made up of so many components.  Our relationships, work, spirituality, exercise, passion, creativity, sexuality and joy all contribute to our health.  When one or more of these areas of our lives get too much or too little attention, our bodies send us messages to help us correct the imbalance. 

Those messages come often through our hunger and can only be heard if we know how to listen.  What was intended as a marketing strategy to sell more products, has robbed many of us of our built in, innate brilliance.  

When we allow the feeling of hunger to arise, we can ask our bodies what she is hungry for?  It requires slowing down long enough to hear the answer, quieting our rackety mental chatter, and believing in the wisdom that comes forth.  That voice is the only one who knows the best foods for you to eat and the most ideal times to eat them.  She can guide you towards the parts of your life that need more attention.

Hunger is not a demand, it is an invitation to get curious about what it is your body needs. 

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