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 With guidance, support and accountability, find out what your cravings are trying to tell you, create healthier habits, experiment with better versions of the foods you love and tune into the messages your body is sending you to feel your very best!


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Our bodies are speaking to us constantly. When we feel good, our bodies are saying YES, I approve! When we ache and feel sluggish, our body might not like something we’re eating or may be begging to move!  With guidance, support and accountability, learn how to tune into those messages, that are meant to lead you towards YOUR perfect foods. This valuable skill combined with practical tools make it possible to never need to go on another diet, again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sessions in person?

Most of our clients do come to their bi weekly sessions in our office space in Litchfield, CT.  We also have clients who live further away who have their sessions online. 

Can you help me lose weight?

Absolutely!  If weight loss is one of your goals, we will analyze the food, habits, and thoughts you’ve been keeping.  We will create a roadmap to get you where you want to go by gradually switching out what isn’t working, for what is.  Before no time you will forget the word diet and be celebrating your beautiful body.  

Will I have to give up all the foods I love?

Never!  We believe in balance, not deprivation.  Although, after experimenting with more foods that make your body hum with happiness, beware that often your favorite foods change!



How long will it take to reach my goals?

Depending on how far away from your goals you are now, will determine how long it will take to reach them!  We have a systematic way of weeding out what doesn’t work and replacing it with what does.  With an open mind and commitment, you will be feeling good in your skin in no time!

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes!  We prefer if you pay for your program in full and offer a discount when you do.  If that doesn’t work for you, we do offer monthly payment plans.

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