About Us

How can we help?


  • overcome emotional eating issues and say goodbye to dieting for good
  • remove unwanted dietary habits with helpful strategies
  • create sustainable healthy habits and develop body confidence
  • receive healthy eating plans/ recipes/ shopping lists
  • in-house food audits of your fridge/ pantry/ workspace
  • non-diet approaches to ensure sustainable weight loss and a reconnection of your mind and body
  • overcome stress-related issues
  • create a fitness plan you love doing


We take a good look at your diet, thoughts and habits to figure out what is not working and what is contributing to your lack of zesty vigor!  Then we set goals and create a roadmap that will allow for gradual shifts and changes in your diet and lifestyle.  When we meet in person twice a month, we will check in about how it’s going and discuss any challenges you may be having with follow through.  You will receive  recommendations (no more than 3!) to try out during the time we are not together, new recipes and inspiration through meditations, mantras and books that will support you on your journey to better health.


Sustainable Weight Loss

Tried every diet under the sun and still frustrated about your weight?  It might be time to try a different approach!  That’s where we come in.  We will teach you how to tap into your body’s own bio individuality to find the foods that are right or you. You’ll never need another diet again!


Body Confidence

How would your life be different if you weren’t held back by limiting beliefs about your body?  The world needs you!  Let’s get your food figured out so you can live a big bold life!

Meet Kristy

Certified Health and Nutrition Coach and Founder of Bloom Wellness and Nutrition

I believe eating should be a celebration of life and an act of gratitude for the vehicle that so graciously carries us through our journey on this planet.

Eating should be simple. Each time we eat a meal, we have an opportunity to say thank you and to reconnect with our body and our intuition. I see this now, after many years of battling eating disorders and being in conflict with my body. I, like so many women, used my body to wage a war against my fears. There was a time when I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to enjoy food and would have never believed that I was capable of having a positive relationship with my body.  

Although I struggled, there always remained a part of me that held the answers.  During the most difficult times, that part of me was there, keeping the flame of possibility alight. When I was ready, I asked for help to find a better way. As soon as I said yes, it showed up in countless ways.

Food is powerful and it has the ability to bring us closer or further away from ourselves.  My mission is to help women resolve and transform their relationship with food so that they can be free to live out their purpose in their one beautiful life.


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