Transformation always begins and ends with love.

Accept the invitation to journey with me

The World Needs You.

Does it ever feel like your relationship to food and your body is standing in the way of the fullest expression of who you are and your wildest dreams?

Journey with me.

When you accept the invitation to embark on a journey toward healing your relationship to your body, you can expect a lot of changes on the inside and out.

Discover how your relationship with food can serve as the roadmap back to your true nature.

Understand how your cravings are trying to get your attention and what they are trying to communicate.

Heal your relationship with your body and see her for the ally she has always been.

Align your habits with your intentions for your life.

Accept an invitation for freedom from food obsession and extra weight.

Extra weight is not a problem to be fixed, it's an invitation from your body to heal.

Our bodies are always speaking to us, we can learn how to listen.

  Meet Kristy

Founder and Director of Bloom Wellness

For most of my life, my body and I were estranged. I deeply distrusted and resented her for the dysfunctional relationship I had with food.  I tried to run my life without her by intellectualizing everything, including how to get myself out of a 20 year relationship with eating disorders.  I tried every diet under the sun, I read every book and blog that I could find, I listened to every podcast that promised freedom and still, I binged.  Until, I met a health coach, who suggested my body was trying to tell me something.  That began a journey that has gifted me with the vision to see my body as my greatest ally and protector.   I always thought I had a problem that needed to be fixed, only to discover, it was a relationship that needed to be healed.   The path that led me back to health and wholeness was paved with love and has exceeded all of my expectations.  I am deeply committed to working with women whose relationship to food and their body holds them back in any way from living their wildest dreams.

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